First Day/Night at the Ranch

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Friday last week, we traveled for three hours to Southern Utah to attend the yearly family reunion of the Sandbergs held at Sandberg’s Ranch. Chris and I immediately set up our tent when we arrived, while Melarie, Michael, and Fatima set up the trailer. Ashley and Richard came earlier than us, so their tent was already done when we arrived. It was a cold afternoon, and a very cold night.


Ashley and Richard gave me a warm welcome by offering me a Sucker Insect Candy. No! I wouldn’t eat those! So, I gave it to Chris and he was braver than me.


Well, he wasn’t that brave since later he gave it to Julia. Poor Julia.

Julia and the Sucker Insect Candy

But Julia didn’t want it either, even though Chris had washed it.


Although I didn’t eat my first Sucker, I had my first smores and played my first Pits game. I played with Chris, Aunt Mindy, and some of Chris’ cousins. It was really fun and I want to play Pits again.

Since it was cold, most of us gathered around the campfire that night, had our chitchats, and sang fun songs.

At midnight, Chris and I went to the cabin and saw Christiana, MC, Rhett, and Cayden there. We played 20 questions, which Chris then realized “it’s a really fun game when there’s more people playing it”. Katrina later joined us, but she really just wanted to sleep inside since she was cold in her tent.

Learning One Phrase a Day

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Chris surprised me last Monday. He has a crazy schedule so he was able to e-mail me something while I was sleeping, so when I checked my inbox that morning, I was excited to open his email entitled “Learning Tagalog Phrases”. His message was:

“This is a  list of common phrases I came up with a little while ago. If you want to teach me Tagalog maybe we can start with 1 phrase per day. I could teach you the Spanish at the same time if you wanted. Feel free to add any you can think of.”

I was really touched by this.

On his second visit to the Philippines, I taught him the basic “5 W’s and 1 H”, the numbers, some adverbs, and basic sentences. I guess it was like three-hour lessons in separate days, but that was it. I stopped teaching him because he seems not eager to learn, so I was surprised when he told one of our friends the reason he is not learning. He said “I didn’t have a good teacher.” It was a cute scene for me actually, I was like “What the! I tried to teach you, but you weren’t interested.” And he explained, “You’re not motivating me.” Geez.

Well, Chris explained to me that it might be just a waste of time learning my language since not a lot of people speak that language outside the Philippines. Besides, he can just speak English when he goes there with me next time. So, this idea he came up with was really a surprise for me. He initiated a list! Love him!

The list

Below are the 65 phrases and sentences he wants to learn in Tagalog.


His idea is to draw one of the phrases / sentence from a jar. So, I printed and cut them out and put them inside a jar.

First day

Today, we had our first language exchange. He took out the first sentence, “Let’s go!”. He’s lucky to drew that out because I think he will remember the translation easily. Just one word. In Tagalog, you say “Tara!”, and yeah, one word in Spanish too “Vamonos!”. Lucky me.

Chris, unsatisfied that he would just learn one word today, drew another one from the jar. He got  “Good idea” this time. I asked him first if he still remembers “Good morning” in Tagalog. I thought it would be easier for him to learn the next phrase if he remembers “Good morning”. And he said yes, he remembers, which is good. So, in Tagalog you say “Magandang umaga” for “Good Morning”, then you say “Magandang ideya” for “Good idea”. Isn’t that easy? Buena idea!

We decided to put back the papers he drew so that it will exactly be random. I will add 35 phrases more on the next days.

I think it is unromantic of Chris though to learn “Did you fart?” What the.

March 6, 2010

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This day was an important day for Annette Jensen. She was baptized and confirmed as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Together with her family, and the rest of Ramiro and Jensen family, we celebrated this day. She was baptized in their Stake’s chapel, so after the event, we all drove to the Church-house nearby where they usually go every Sunday, and in there we ate a lot.


Aside from eating, Chris and I were tracking and interviewing the kids what they were up to.

We had Andy showing us the boondoggles he made.

Brandon told us about his soccer game that afternoon.

Haley was hiding from her sisters behind a door.

Hilary was reading her book “The Lightning Thief”.

Michael was pushing Daniel who was inside a trash can.
Michael and Daniel

This day though was not just a special day for Annette, but for me too. It was my birthday!
Chris and Reah

Well, my birthday is on March 7. Since I was born in Philippines’ time, March 6 here is March 7 in my hometown. When we were planning the party, I was hesitant to do it on March 6, but when that day came, I thought it was a great idea. Uncle Pedro told me it was good that I could celebrate my birthday for two days!

I didn’t expect a lot of people to show up for the party. We were really just planning for a small game night party for “the kids”, but since we were nervous no one would be there, we invited a lot of people (who were a family), and most of them came.

Richard, Ashley, and Haley. Andrew, Daniel, and their parents Sam and Lola (to pick them up). Joseph and Xela. Don, Steven, Amber, Matt, James, and Kirsten. Bob and Fatima were there too, although the original plan was they would leave to let the “kids” play.

The rest of the night turned out fun, after some hilarious game of Psychiatrist, Mafia, Apples to Apples, and Wii Fit Plus.

We blocked the View

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Remember we told you that a house is being built at our backyard. We got an update for that. Chris will show you on the video.

Utah Jazz Tickets and Ice Skating

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February 16, one cloudy Tuesday afternoon, Chris and I drove to Salt Lake City to dine with Garrett in the Filipino Restaurant at State Street. But we first stopped at Energy Solutions Arena to redeem our free Utah Jazz tickets. Yeah, we are going to see Utah Jazz play live. :)  We got the claim stubs when we came to the Arena last December to sing Christmas songs with other Utahns. Since Michael, Bob, and Fatima were with us on that event, we got five claim stubs. The game tickets we have redeemed is for March 17, Utah Jazz vs. Minnesota Timberwolves.

We walked around the arena to film this video.

We were meeting Garrett at 2 P.M. that time, and we were ten minutes early so we decided to stay longer in the arena to look around. Besides the arena was close to the restaurant so it wouldn’t take us long to get there.

At the restaurant, we ordered Adobo and Sinigang, with rice of course. Chris and Garrett ordered fried rice with the Adobo though so for sure that tasted somehow different. Here’s our photo at the restaurant.

At Five Star Restaurant in Salt Lake City

We left the restaurant around three in the afternoon. Since it was still too early to drive back to Saratoga Springs, Chris and I went to see Jeremy, and decided to go Ice Skating.

Chris was the best among the three of us in ice skating, and Jeremy, who had this as his third time to ice skate, was way better than me. I was the worst.

I fell four times that I sprained my wrists. We thought I broke some little bones, I didn’t have bruises just pain on my wrists and hands. After a week, it stopped hurting. I have here a video where I talked about it, but it’s all in Tagalog.

Filipino Breakfast in US

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I’ve been craving for Filipino breakfast. So, when I had the chance to go buy some food in the Filipino store at Taylorsville, I bought the Filipino Sausage. We, Filipinos, served it with eggs and fried rice. Although at this morning, we didn’t cook fried rice, we just had plain white rice. We call it Longsilog from three words (Longganisa, Sinangang, and Itlog).

There are other Filipino breakfast food like Tocilog, which is tocino instead of the sausage. We also have salted bread, or pan de sal. Others eat champorado, or puto, or bibingka. And yeah, hotdogs with fried rice and eggs.

One Morning in the Life of Chris

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I just won a Kodak Zi8!

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Last month, Chris and I attended LaunchUp#4, where three companies presented their websites. Only three women attended the event. To encourage more tech-savvy women to attend, the host decided to do a raffle on February’s LaunchUp and the price was a Kodak Zi8. That moment, I told myself I would win that video camera, and I did, among the 18 women who attended this month’s LaunchUp. =D

Cool! It’s time to start video blogging!

Kodak Zi8 box

Kodak Zi8

Kodak Zi8 on my hand =D

You can find me at the end of this video. I was video shy. Haha. But I love my prize.

P.S. I enjoy going to’s events because I learn a lot from the companies presenting. They motivate me to think of my own idea and make it happen.

Las Vegas Baby!

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We headed to Las Vegas the night we got married! LOL, that’s really a tiring drive if we did that.

We first checked in in a motel in Lehi and drove to Las Vegas the day after. That was really an exciting day for me because we were  going out from Utah for the first time. It was a five hour drive from Lehi and we arrived around 4:30 in the afternoon (PST) in Stratosphere.

Heading to Stratosphere

Heading to Stratosphere

Since I had no idea where we were staying, I asked Chris, while we were on our way, “Where are we staying?”, and he pointed the tall tower that looks like the tower in Seattle. Surprised, I said “Really? I was expecting to stay in a motel like the one in Lehi but not in a nice hotel”. So, I was excited checking in and going into our room. The room we got was facing the Las Vegas strip, the famous street of casinos.

The view from our room

The view from our room

That night, I bugged Chris to have dinner in Jollibee, a popular fast-food restaurant in the Philippines. I got the address from the phone directory, but we really had no idea where it is. But my instinct told me that it should be east of Las Vegas Blvd.. After losing hope that we couldn’t find it, I grabbed the map Chris had for the hotel, hoping the street could be seen there, and “there it is!” We could had just checked the map we had in the first place, before we drove around clueless. I was so happy we found it because Chowking, Red Ribbon, and a big Filipino grocery store were on the same building.

The printed map to Stratosphere

The printed map to Stratosphere

Our order in Jollibee Las Vegas

Our order in Jollibee Las Vegas

The next day, Chris and I went to the 360 degree observation deck. Great views from there.

On the 360 degree Observation Deck

On the 360 degree Observation Deck

On the top of the tower, we also checked the famous thrills of the hotel: X-cream, Insanity, and Big Shot. After we saw how insane the thrills were, we decided to give Big Shot a shot. It shoots you up! Crazy! (Sorry, pictures of the thrills are copyrighted.) But we have a picture after the ride. The attendant was Filipino and offered to take our photo. :)

After the Big Shot Ride

After the Big Shot Ride

But we got more solo photos after that.

Overlooking Las Vegas Strip

Overlooking Las Vegas Strip

Overlooking Las Vegas Strip

Overlooking Las Vegas Strip

We’re now married!

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Yep! We tied the knot about two weeks ago. The whole wedding day was tiring but fun. I love how solemn the ceremony was with Chris’ family and friends around. My family and friends were not there though but they were still with me through the webcast. I am glad it worked. Thanks for everyone who came and everyone who took part to make the event successful.


With Chris' family